When success is expected

Drive and Determination waver

I’m trying to make sure people don’t have a false sense of hope when it comes to being successful. Most people are embarrassed to talk about the hard times. Everyone wants you to think it was a piece of cake to become successful, but that’s far from the truth. Not being truthful about the painful times along your journey confuses others to believe they too can achieve greatness, but they can’t. "Not everyone is created equal!” “Not everyone is meant to lead.”

For so long, motivation has been taught from the glass half-full perspective. Unfortunately, that’s why not everyone is successful. Tony Robbins and his posers have not figured this out yet.

When you look at the glass half full, you’re saying that you’re already halfway to success with forward momentum behind your sails.

When people say that any and everyone can be successful, it becomes an expectation, but too often it is never achieved. The reason this happens is because when the expected outcome is winning, the drive and determination waver. If you did nothing to obtain the first half glass what would make you fight for the rest of your cup?

My goal is to get everyone to look at their lives from the “glass half-empty” perspective; if you don’t do something you’re going to run out of water! How does that make you feel? Are you content with half a glass? Or do you have a hunger or a drive that wants to fill the glass up? Do you feel cheated or thirst for more water? I want to make you look at motivation from this perspective. Perhaps you don’t need words of encouragement, but rather words or experiences defined as Dmotivation!

Achieving success is hard work, and in modern society, we have devalued the word “Entrepreneur.”

I believe true entrepreneurs are real-world magicians, who pull off what seems impossible and leave their audience wanting more. In any business, there is only one entrepreneur/one magician! I view all business as one big magic act and believe that utilizing a “Sleight of Hand” is critical to any business success.

I want to expose those who aren’t cut out for success, entrepreneurship, or leading others, and I want to help those who are to realize their full potential. To become a master magician (entrepreneur), you have to know how to use the tools that are naturally given to you. My honest intention is to pull back the curtain and make sure you know what you are signing up for when you become an entrepreneur.


When you’re selling something, how do you get a yes?

When you’re building something, how do you hide the struggles you will encounter?

How do you get others talking about you without talking about yourself?

How do you stay one step ahead of your audience and keep them engaged?